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Step 1: Choose the style of your Nipyata!

If you select a standard shape below, it will ship via FedEx Ground from NJ within 1 - 2 business days. Click "Other" for a custom design- these require 2 weeks and a $79 surcharge. We work hard to make these things look awesome. 

Step 2: How many nips would you like inside your Nipyata?

You can always add additional items and nips after you receive your Nipyata. Maximum capacity is approx 25 Nips + candy. Free FedEx Ground Shipping Included.

Step 3: Pick your poison: Select the brands of sweet delicious booze you want inside your Nipyata! Select "other" for special requests. Let's get these nips inside you and then go make some bad decisions! *

(to meet delivery timelines, substitutions may be required for certain brands and flavors)

Because we frickin' love our customers, we handwrite a note to that lucky devil nipyata! recipient. or if you're just buying this for yourself, that's totally cool. tell us what we should write on the note card. to you. (our stationery is radically awesome and sometimes we write in cursive or bubble letters. See an example below.)

Step 4: Customize your Nipyata! Fortunes?

If you choose "Yes!" - that's like the Red Pill in the Matrix. You enter wonderland, and we show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. You'll be guided to a text field to type in your own creative phrases where anything goes. These messages will be attached to the backs of each nip to be read before imbibing. 

Select "Nope" and we'll include the always entertaining and sometimes naughty Nipyata! Fortunes.

Enter up to three phrases, (separated by semicolons), to be included as Nipyata! Fortunes on your Nipyata's Nips.

Things like 'Happy 21st Diana! Have fun blacking out tonight!" or "Diana is a lush!" could work here. *

What's your first name? *

Nice work, {{answer_11130904}}, what's your last name? *

Now the shipping details...Please note - if you entered your own design description for Nipyata Shape, it will take up to 2 weeks to build your custom NIPYATA! and we ship with fedex ground. if you need a quick nipyata! fix, email us at i

Full name of the lucky person who will receive it? *

(Enter your name if you are the recipient.)
Name of the business?

Ship to a business or a location where someone 21 + can sign. Adult signature is required.
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Baby, can i get your number?
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We ship from New Jersey with FedEx Ground, orders take 1 - 2 business days to prepare and will arrive within 2 - 8 business days. Check out the sweet map below for shipping times. Email if you need an order expedited. We can do FedEx Overnight or Two Day Express for an additional fee. You can also pick a specific date on the next step.

Okay,  {{answer_11130904}}, when do you need this delivered by? We want to ensure this beauty arrives in time for the debauchery. that's important. Leave blank and it'll ship within 1 - 2 business days.

Your order has a total price of {{var_price}}. Please confirm your order details and enter your credit card information. Remember, all NIPYATAS come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, a blinding blindfold, powerful smashin' stick, super sweet candy, stickers and our clever nipyata! rules of the game. *

Order summary:
✔ Nipyata design: {{answer_11130896}} ({{answer_11130897}}) ✔ Brands: {{answer_11131295}}
Shipping to: {{answer_11130906}} {{answer_11134906}} {{answer_11130908}}, {{answer_11135316}} {{answer_11130907}}
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